Tuesday Tidbit #4

9 11 2010

Tuesday Tidbit
Not enough time.

Hello guys, this is a mini-tidbit. Basically meaning I didn’t have enough time to do a proper one and I didn’t want to do nothing. So here’s a small tidbit.

Lunara has taken on the project to sprite downs for the main characters. At this moment she has made one for Xaver.
Xaver’s down was first on the list because I needed it for a cutscene.  She’ll be starting with other main characters soon.

BigEd is almost done with the memory script. He mentioned that he just needed to fix some bugs and then he’ll be done.

Wij and Sevith were both celebrating their birthdays this week. Huzzah for Wij who turned 42 and Sevith who turned 18.

I promised some screenshots last week, they’ll be for next week when I have more time. I tried getting them done but it just was impossible. My apologies.


Tuesday Tidbit #3

2 11 2010

Tuesday Tidbit:
The Setting

As the title suggests I’m going to discuss the setting in this edition. I know I talk in detail about it on this blog and other locations. But I’ll go into more detail and explain their relation to the characters. I’ll be adding a whole load of screenies next week and I would like to know what kind of screenies you’d like to see.

In this Edition:
Kerren Desert
Gameplay: Traits
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Tuesday Tidbit #2

26 10 2010

Tuesday Tidbit 2:
How it all looks

As promised a second edition. It’s a bit later then last week’s. But in my timezone it’s still tuesday so that counts. If it’s wednesday where you are just think of these as the Wednesday Weekly. This edition will focus on how the game looks. I’ll discuss the art and the mapping. I will also ask for some feedback. So I would appreciate some comments.

In this edition:
Mapping: Finding the right atmosphere
Art: Right style? Not in the way?
Menu: Simplicity: Good or bad?
Scripts: Update on the Memory System
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Parallex Mapping

20 10 2010

This has been an issue that has been bothering me for a while. Parallex Mapping, it started out as a thing only few mappers used and it provided an interesting angle on mapping. I myself don’t use parallexes to do my mapping but it has crossed my mind.

For those who don’t know, Parallex Mapping basically is editing a map inside a graphical program to enchance the way it looks and then using that map as parallex in the game. It has crossed my mind to do so, however I decided against it, for several reasons. The most prominent being that I don’t have a reason to parallex. Of course it’ll enchance the map the player has to play through. That is correct, if I knew my way around Photoshop or even Gimp I’dd be able to add some extra atmosphere to a game.

But lately it just seems like everyone is parallexing, some parallex maps are awesome and they effect they add to a map is significant. In other cases it just seems like people follow a craze. Certain maps look barely touched by the mapper and it just seems like they could’ve easily achieved that effect by normal mapping.

I had to get this out of my system, if you have no good reason to parallex stay away from it. It stopped being original which is a real sad thing for people like Drunken Palladin, Hanzo, Lyonn, Celiana and C7 who’s parallex effects actually make a difference.

Tuesday Tidbit #1

19 10 2010

Tuesday Tidbit 1:
The Spiritworld

Sorry guys, I’ve been busy with a lot of stuff (A lot), and I’ve been neglecting this blog too much.  This will change thanks to the Tuesday Tidbits.It’s tuesday today and from now on instead of updating at whim. This edition is quite big since it has been a while. Most editions will be rather small and I won’t force myself to do one if I have nothing to say. This will however motivate me to work more on it.

So… *cuts rope*

In this edition:
Teamchanges: Epic Ancient/Smarthious
Sprites: Redos of Jax and Dwane
Art: The Fox (finally!)
Scripts: Stealing+Memory System
Plot: Information about the Spirit World
Characters: Spotlighting Paliant
IRC Channel: Information
Looking for a Spriter: For 3 sprites.

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New artwork

6 05 2010

Hope everyone is enoying the demo. Below is some brand new character artwork of the Fox and Dwane, the latter who you’ll meet fairly early on in the game. See the pictures after the jump.

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Play through the demo

1 05 2010

I just finished the Cry of the Fox Demo.


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